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There’s something for everyone in this collection of short stories about Spain and the people – Spanish and foreign, who live there. Andy Crabb has used his twelve years as a resident in Spain to weave a marvellous tapestry of tales.

Within the pages you’ll meet all sorts of characters, whether it’s the mysterious antique-shop dealer, a deranged farmer, carpet vendors, estate agents, or the unrequited lover. There are teachers of English, pampered ex-models, an odd assortment of thieves, Roman legionaries and Moorish scientists. Human behaviour is displayed in all its variety – treachery, revenge, dishonesty, murder and mayhem, courage, self sacrifice, compassion and love.

At times humorous and sad, darkly amusing and poignant, his stories tell us about the inhabitants of the towns and villages of ancient and modern Spain. He will make you laugh and cry.

These are stories that not only delve into the rich historical past of this fascinating country, but also tug at the heart and soul. Some of them are so moving that they will linger with you for a long time. (Review written by Nik Morton 2007)

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