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Author of "Poisoned Petals" and winner of the 2006 International Short Story Competition Torrevieja, Another Look 2006, Andy Crabb has been a resident in Spain for twelve years. His love of the rich language and the people of his adopted home has filled him with an enthusiam to record some of Spain's eccentricities - the people of his stories may not real but it is their plausibilty that captures the imagination.

Wherever you wander in Spain, into a dusty Antiques Shop, past an ancient finca or through an array of gaudy pottery statues in a road side Ceramics store, you too will meet the people in Andy's books. Mostly, they will be pleased to meet you and you will enjoy their company, but there are a few that should not be met when you are on your own, expecially on a dark windy night...

In contrast, Andy is friendly, happily married, fond of drama, art, writing, walking, hiking, biking and he is in love with Spain!

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